10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 100 USD

The Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 maybe becomes one device which people are looking for the most. Entertainment, of course, becomes very important part of many modern people’s life. They can be super busy with their daily work so they have to make sure that they can enjoy the best entertainment support easily. Listening to the music might be a great idea which will be loved by many people. People always have the type of music they want the most. They will look for the music which is suitable to their liking and mood.

Now, they also have to look for the device which can help them enjoy the music better. Since people are familiar with a smart phone, enjoying the music can be done very easily using their mobile device. They are able to find various kinds of music application which can enhance their experience of enjoying the music. They even have their favorite playlist on the music apps. If they want to enjoy their favorite playlist better on their smart phone, they can use the headphone but this is kind of experience which cannot be shared with other people.

Wearing headphone for long period of time will not be good for their hearing organ as well. That is why people need to consider investing on speaker. There are many options of speaker product offered out there but we can make sure since people want to listen to the music from their music app, Bluetooth speaker will be a perfect choice.

Find the best speaker will be challenging because people have different criteria about the best option for them. Most people will set a certain budget for buying the speaker but they still want to get the best one. Here are the best options of Bluetooth speaker under 100 USD.

JBL Flip 3 Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

best waterproof bluetooth speakers under 100

If people are trying to find the best Bluetooth speaker under 200, they surely will be able to get much more options of the device which comes with much better performance. However, it does not mean that people will not be able to find the best option of Bluetooth speaker with cheaper price. JBL Flip 3 Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker can be considered if people want to get the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100. There are some great specifications which can be offered by this Bluetooth speaker after all. This speaker comes with a housing which is made from rugged rubber as well as fabric material which is durable so the speaker will be strong enough to be used during adventures for long period of time. This device can be connected to up to three mobile devices wirelessly while the playing can be taken a turn with stereo sound which is powerful as well as room filling. 3000mAH battery is Li-ion one which can be recharged for support up to ten hours playtime. People only need to connect the multiple JBL Connect enabled speakers together to the ecosystem for amplifying the experience of listening. Simply by touching a button, people can take the calls with crystal clear sound from the speaker because this device is supported with the speakerphone with echo and noise canceling ability. People have to underline the splash proof term which means that spills or rain will not be a big problem for the speaker.

Anker 20W Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

best bluetooth speaker under 75

Because people are looking for the best Bluetooth speaker with much more affordable price, they might want to get the best Bluetooth speakers under $50. There will be long search which can be made for making sure that the Bluetooth speakers with this price can be bought with the best performance. Nevertheless, by paying a little bit more, they actually can get a great choice of Bluetooth speaker such as Anker 20W Stereo Bluetooth Speaker. They will get the great experience of enjoying the music since it comes with huge stereo sounds. The audio is crisp and clear and there will be impressive volume since it is supported with dual ten watts drives. The bass is booming since it is supported with MaxxBass technology feature. The bass performance will be enhanced with two passive subwoofers. The soaring can be heard their favorite tracks with highs and deep lows. There is also Bluetooth 4.0 feature which means that the mobile phone can be connected instantly from about 33 feet distance. Automatic reconnection will be activated to the last device which is used. The speaker also comes with compact size so moving it will not be difficult at all. Lithium ion battery comes with 5200mAh for six hours music play.

JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

cheap bluetooth speakers with good bass

There are so many options of the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers under 100 but of course, people have to make the proper comparison of those offers to find out the best option for the budget. JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker can be chosen because there are various great features which can be offered from its price. First of all, this device can be connected without any wire needed up to two mobile devices. There will be impressive stereo sound which will be made by this speaker when taking a turn playing the playlist from both devices. The power of this speaker comes with 3000 lithium ion battery which is built in as well as rechargeable. With a single charge, the speaker will be able to support the need of 12 hours entertainment. Of course, people will not ignore the ipx7 waterproof feature which can be found from this device. It means that people can still get the best enjoyment for listening to their favorite playlist without having to worry about the spills or rain. The flip 4 can even be submerged in the water. There are no more stories about the end of music enjoyment because water damaged the speaker. There is also JBL Connect+ which will allow users for linking more than 100 speakers with this feature enabled together. This way, people will be able for amplifying the party with mobile speakers. The speaker is surely powerful because it comes with dual external passive radiators.

JBL Micro Wireless Ultra-Portable Speaker

best bluetooth speakers under $50

JBL Micro Wireless Ultra-Portable Speaker is one great option of the cheap Bluetooth speakers with good bass which people can choose for supporting their entertainment need. Many people really want to enjoy the best music but when they have a tight budget, it means that they have to deal with some aspects including the sound quality which is not satisfying since the speaker does not come with good bass. Of course, people do not have to worry when they choose this speaker because it comes with the bass port which is built in. the bass will give the impressive bass performance for the speaker with this size. Compared to other portable speakers, people can see that the bass quality is superior. With this device, people will be able to stream the stereo music with high quality via Bluetooth connectivity from any mobile device. This speaker is one of the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 options which is supported with built in lithium battery for playing the music playlist up to five hours with a single charged. In the package, people can also get the adapter which can be used for recharging the device easily. In the bottom of the speaker case, people can find the Smart Cable design store for preventing the wire from tangling. A sound environment with impressive quality can be created by chaining multiple speakers with Micro Wireless together.

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio Speaker

best bluetooth speaker under 150

There will be various criteria which people will use when they are choosing the best speaker based on their budget. Most people just consider the sound quality which will be produced by the speaker but we can make sure that some people also have a different thing in their mind even when choosing the speaker with a certain budget. Design can be a crucial factor to consider when people are looking for the speaker. The design of the best Bluetooth speaker under 75 maybe will not be satisfying enough for some people. For them, the speaker is not only about the sound quality but also about the great look. In this circumstance, they can consider the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 which comes with great design. Harman Kardon Onyx Studio Speaker will be the speaker option which can be chosen by people who want to get great sound quality and also a great design. There is no question that the premium design by Harman Karden will help people to enhance the prestige of their speaker device. Of course, this speaker is also supported with Bluetooth wireless connection. The built in rechargeable battery is able for playing the music for up to five hours. It means that people will be able to enjoy the music conveniently from any place at their home. This speaker comes with dual passive radiators which can create deep bass quality so the authentic sound can be delivered from the impressive audio performance.

Anker SoundCore Sports XL Outdoor Speaker

best bluetooth speakers under 50

This speaker can be considered as the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 because people will be able to enjoy some impressive feature from this device. Dynamic stereo will allow people for enjoying the sound which is not only energetic but also crisp with the volume which is impressive since there are two eight watts stereo drivers. Dual passive subwoofers have a great role for delivering the sublime bass on this device. Tough technology support can also be found on this device. The tough aspect of this device can be found from an IP67 waterproof feature which will make this device survive up to one meter of water depth. It has also dust tight feature and shock resistant which makes this device though for sure. It also comes with Bluetooth 4.1 technology which allows people to keep the connection with 66 feet ranges outside. The speaker can also be used for supporting hands-free calls and it is supported with the built in noise canceling microphone. By using this device, people can play the music for up to 15 hours because it has built in lithium ion battery. The powerful battery even allows people to charge their mobile device with the charging port.

UE ROLL Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Many people think that when they look for the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100, they will not find too many good things from the device. Nevertheless, with this budget, they can consider UE ROLL Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker which can give more than they can imagine. People commonly will worry when they use the speaker outdoors or near the water because they do not want their expensive speaker broken or damaged by the water. Nowadays, there is no need to worry about this because this speaker comes with the waterproof shell with the IPX7 rated. This speaker is designed for adventure purpose after all. This speaker can be small and lightweight but we can make sure that this device is powerful because it can create 360 degrees sound with deep bass. The range of Bluetooth wireless is up to 65 feet while the battery can be used for playing music for about nine hours in a single charge. This speaker is also completed with bungee cord with a marine grade which can be attached to the users or anything.

Sony SRSXB2/BLK Speaker with Bluetooth

bluetooth speaker

In the speaker industry, people can find some brand which offers them with great products. Sony, of course, cannot be ignored and when they are looking for the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100, Sony can offer them with a great product which people should consider. Sony SRSXB2/BLK Speaker with Bluetooth is the product which people can grab with a pretty cheap price. It might be cheap but people can enjoy extra bass from the speaker which can allow people experience the sound which is punchy and deep. This speaker is also completed with seamless streaming with NFC and more importantly Bluetooth connectivity. With just a single charge, the battery can live for 12 hours so people can enjoy the party longer. The design of the speaker is not only compact and portable but also splash proof.

Ivation Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

More and more options of the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 can be found but people surely must be very selective when choosing the speaker product since it will affect their entertainment enjoyment. Ivation Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers might be the speaker which people are looking for since it comes with an affordable price yet it is packed with various great features. The source of the music can be found from the Bluetooth, auxiliary line as well as FM radio. This is the speaker which also comes with shockproof and also water resistant feature. It can also be used for the hands-free call. This is the shower speakerphone which can be recharged easily. Phone capabilities can also be found as a feature on this mobile speaker such as last call redial, call waiting, and even wireless answering. The design of the case is rugged but sleek. The IPX7 rate makes this speaker not only portable and waterproof but also dustproof and also floatable. Per charge of the built in battery allows users to enjoy the audio up to nine hours.

UE ROLL 2 Volcano Bluetooth Speaker

Although people can still find so many choices of the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100, there is no question that they have to include UE ROLL 2 Volcano Bluetooth Speaker in their consideration. The interesting feature which can be found from this speaker, of course, is the IPX7 rated waterproof specification. It means that it will not have any problem when it is put in the one-meter depth of water for up to half hour. Various mobile devices can be compatible with this product as long as it supports the Bluetooth wireless audio profile. This device can also be connected to the device which has 3.5mm audio output. Up to eight Bluetooth enabled devices can be paired with this speaker. The power of this speaker comes from lithium ion battery which can be recharged easily. The battery life can last for up to nine hours on a single charge after all based on environmental condition, settings, and also use. Full charging process will take about 5.5 hours.


It is sure that entertainment becomes crucial life support for many modern people and that is why they need to invest on the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100. One thing for sure, people need to choose the speaker based on various criteria. Since the budget is made as a priority, people have to make a comparison from various products and brands to get the best option. They have to consider about the sound quality including the bass depth if they want to enjoy the ultimate music experience. They also have to consider other features including the waterproof feature since mobile speaker will be used a lot for adventure. Last but not least, they must not forget about the battery capacity since the speaker is used as portable audio support.

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