10 Best Budget Soundbars Under $100

Are you looking for the best budget soundbar under 100? As we know that market was flooded with the soundbar and chances were that you might find too many options what you should choose for the best. After all of the demand for best budget soundbar had been gone up in current years and this industry has grown up become more competitive than before. Soundbars are the easy way to overcome the tiny sounds in many televisions. Only using single connections, you can get better sound what people were saying and feeling the action as well. But you do not need to spend a lot of cash to get better sound and there are many soundbars involving Bluetooth, so you are able to connect wirelessly.

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The next question is how low you can go and stay on your budget? There are many best recommendations which cost less than $100 and provide you with a good quality. So, you can get the best budget soundbar that matches with your budget line and still able get the best quality at all. The different manufacturer also provides you with different features. So, you can choose your best soundbar under 100 based on your preference need, of course, your budget as well. As we know that innovation which made TV getting thinner and thinner which makes some peoples have suffered then sticking a speaker on their thin TV. In order to prevent you getting poor TV speakers, this list bellow contains best budget soundbar under 100 which you can use as the best recommendations.

VIZIO SB2920-C6 29-Inch 2.0 Soundbar

This soundbar gives you with good decent sound, especially when you consider the price that you are able to afford for. From term of price, this is the entry level so it would not break your bank and give you a good sound with 2.0 DTS of TruVolume which can minimize the distraction from fluctuating volume and DTS for the deep best sound experience. So, this is can be your best option for best soundbar under 100. This model also completed with a full range of area speakers which will increase your audio and perform rich to sound as well. Although this device is 2.0 system, you still able to get sound on par with far in more expensive price. For sure, this becomes one of the best budget soundbars under 100.

Actually, in the terms of how loud this device can go, you can reach up to 95dB as long as you neighbors don’t mind this thing. This model also offers with only 1% from total harmonic distortion, this is means that you can get a good and loud sound without being distorted. This device has a good looking design with the fantastic design and actually looks more expensive than what it is. This device also gives you unlimited streaming with the built in Bluetooth which allows you to stream the audio wirelessly. Plus, with the DTS Tru Surround technology which gives you benefit when you are watching a movie then you want to hear the sound in whole around the room.

TaoTronics 34-Inch Sound Bar

If you want very long soundbar with the affordable price which will match with your television, so this is your good option to go with TaoTronics TT-SK15. This is one of the longest soundbars in our list for best budget soundbar under 100, with the length of 34 inches and can be mounted easily under your televisions around 42 to 50 inches. What makes this soundbar design look standout is the metallic silver color on the board in the center of the speaker. So, this soundbar also becomes best cheap soundbar that you can go with. This is involving of touchscreen button on the top of power on/off, volume down, volume up and switching between the input sources as well. In front design, this is obviously showed the type of input connection was active by lighting up the LED in above of name.

To keep several things look simple, you also get a wireless remote which house the usual button set along with mute button as well. No wonder that this device has a cool design but what makes this soundbar special is what’s inside. Unlike with the other soundbars that offer you with 2.0 connectivity, this TaoTronics has 4 drivers which can deliver driver 10W in each of them that can produce the total amount of sound 40W. Two passive radiators in the back will help and offering the strong and deep voice without distortion. Plus this TaoTronice Soundbar becomes the cheap soundbar which completed with a wireless subwoofer as well.

AmazonBasics 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar

In several years, Amazon becomes the own home grown for AmazonBasuxs brand which built their household to provide reliable and affordable electronic products which offer the customer with an excellent price. So, you can enhance your home entertainment system with this AmazonBasics Bluetooth Sound Bar which completed with a built-in subwoofer. This is a long and slim device that gives you superior audio and sit horizontally for entertainment unit or you also able to set it under your television. This is plugs in and connects wirelessly to your television to get incredible home theater experience. So, this is can give you incredible performance, even your best budget soundbar under 100.

This device had been equipped with Bluetooth v2.1 plus EDR with A2DP and AVRCP as well. This AmazonBasics offer you with a range up to 10 meters and providing you with seamless streaming.of course, this is also easily set up with the Bluetooth enabled on your smartphone, computer or tablet. This sound bar is not only enhancing your television watching experience but also streams the podcast, music and more. Reducing the cord clutter and enjoying the reliable wireless streaming that will give you incredible sound. This EDR Bluetooth v2.1 produce the faster speed and possible have longer battery life, while A2DP technology allows you stream in one way stereo signal into your speakers or headphones wirelessly through Bluetooth. AVCRP also referring to the audio/video remote and allowing Bluetooth to control the media playback as well, such as next/previous and pause/play.

BÖHM 60W BT 4.0 Sound Bar

The best thing about the home audio sector that you should know is that there are always new manufacturers which make the round that introducing great products with low prices. They compete become best cheap soundbar and still give the customer with the excellent product. One of that company is Bohm that had been introducing several audio equipments in speakers and headphones segment, and one their affordable product is Bohm’s BA66 soundbar. If you look for various products of Bohm, one the most consistent thing is that they are very good looking products. This is also one of the loudest and best soundbar for your small room in this list. This model contains a total number of 6 drivers inside their long body in 32 inches.

The device can produce output sound in a total of 60W with their loud driver 4×2,5 inches. As mentioned before that a good and cheap soundbar from Bohm comes up with the Bluetooth connectivity, while also support with optical, stereo and RCA inputs. So, this device will give you incredible cinema experience and each incredible home theater requires the solid foundation for a good quality sound. The most impressing component from all is its sound quality, you plug in your TV and the bass technology will give you wider and expansive sound. When you were done watching a movie, you are able to use your smartphone or other smart devices to stream your party music.

AmazonBasics 2.0 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar

This cheap soundbar from AmazonBasic is so sleek and slim in size and easier to set up on your TV which is 32 inches. This AmazonBasic 2.0 Soundbar has length 31 inches and offers you with 2.0 speaker system which consists of 2 for satellite speakers that had embedded inside this very long soundbar. Besides that, you also able to get Bluetooth connectivity as well as make you easier to set up this soundbar on your TV and the other wireless devices, such as a tablet, laptop, smartphone and more. It also available in three sound modes, they are: Standard, Movies, and News which offer you with sound equalization depending on the program that you were watching for.

The standard mode is very good to watch the TV shows, News offer you with expanding in treble so you are able to hear clearer. The Movie will increase the bass and mids which sound like movie soundtrack and clarity audio. To keep it simple, you can use small size remote control as the house of play/pause button, forward/backward button, volume, connectivity changes, mute, power and more. Because of absence subwoofer, your audio will not feel so stuffy than the other soundbar which completed with an external subwoofer. However, if your main aim was to get the decent sound upgrading in your recessed TV speaker, then this AmazonBasic 2.0 can be your best option. This device offers you with output sound 25W and loud enough to make the sound audible in the long distance.

VIZIO SB3820-C6 38-Inch 2.0 Channel Sound Bar

This 32 inches sound bar becomes one of the best budget soundbars under 100 because of its incredible sound reproduction. You can connect it using Bluetooth in the other Bluetooth-enabled device to stream music as well. The powerful speaker and sound delivering are satisfying that you can get. This device has the deep bass technology to get rich bass sound and the design also ensures that you get a sleek touch in your house. For some peoples, soundbar design might not something that many look into, however, you should note that different brands offer you with different approaches. What things that make this design is so outstanding is the fact that this device will match any interior.

This soundbar comes along with 2 speakers that were tasked to handle the output sound. VIZIO choose the 2,75 full range drivers and one of the most features which VIZIO offers to you is the deep bass as mentioned above. They had been claimed that this is good enough to remove the need for a subwoofer. So, you will take some benefits in this lower range. Jumping in other features, you can see the Dolby Digital and DTS TruSurround as the standard. Their presences are really absolutely a plus point. So, you can use this VIZIO SB38329-C as your Bluetooth speakers. You will get pretty clear and understandable sound reproduction that absolutely make your watching movie more fun.

Richmond Research (RSR) TB220L Soundbar

If you need very long soundbar which can offer you with loud sound over than 30W and support with HDMI-ARC along with black scheme? So this is best cheap soundbar for you. This Richmond Research B220L is the soundbar which meant specifically for you based your need above. Similar with the other soundbars which had been listed in best budget soundbar under 100, this series also completed with 2.0 speakers that offer you with Bluetooth connectivity and easy set up in wall mountable. For those who like minimalist design, this soundbar is your brilliance option.

The wise design which makes this soundbar look pricier than its price and feeling like the premium brand at a premium price as well. The front part has the long metal grille which covering the front part and logo in the center. Then the top part is built with plastic which completely clean without buttons at all. So, you might wonder, where are the buttons go? The buttons located on side part speaker and only has power on/off button and volume up/down button. So, this Richmond Research TB220L becomes the best cheap soundbar for television as well. Moreover, the whole back is clean as well, with the connectivity ports which shifted entirely the right of soundbar involving of optical and the auxiliary inputs with HDMI ARC. So, you can enhance your audio TV by using this versatile Bluetooth soundbar which also provides you with a simple way to deliver the room filling sound.

LuguLake T180 TV Sound Bar

This is 3.0 inches soundbar with the excellent surround sound system. This device can be mounted on your wall or just set up in your front of TV. The design us chic and ensure a good sound quality for those who look for a good entertainment experience. This device also can be operated using remote control and use Bluetooth technology for wireless connection with other Bluetooth enabled devices. So, this is also user-friendly soundbar which provides you with easier installation as well. this is also one of the best budget soundbars under 100. This soundbar offers you with more basic features on speakers.

Being associated with two tweeters of 1 inch and the pair of full range drivers of 3 inches for each of them, the sound speaker shows the sound enough in filling the room as well. The quality products had been enhanced with 3D surround sound processor. The affect can add into the life surrounding and make them more real. There is a space for output jack to connect the external subwoofer in order to create the full sound system. This silver display panel also obviously decides what the major function to control the speaker. Operating the speaker was more facilitated by using the small remote control which beholds all of those controlling functions and can be managed wirelessly as well. Instead of aspects above, this Lugulake T180 offers you with easier stream audio using Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

Vizio S2120w-e0 2.0 Sound Stand

The good thing from this cheap Vizio S2120w-e0 is the well-built sound stand despite this plastic housing, this speaker was able to go down quite low without a subwoofer. This device offers you with Bluetooth connectivity and DTS along with the stylish remote as well. If you want to enhance your TV sound, this is going to the gadget. However, soundbars also have their shortcomings as well. They can block all your TV sensors and some of those cheaper ones also lack bass hit. The Vizio S2121w-D0 was the company’s first attempt at this category and while this also has several things right. Of course, this device supporting the wider amount of sound formats than the other competitors, both DTS and Dolby.

The most interesting point is Sound Stand Vizio had been releasing in the larger model which means capable of carrying the bigger and longer TV. This Sound Stand had been made in order to match the screen up to 55 inches and can support the weight up to 60 pounds. This series also relatively think in e inches tall, filling the weight 21 inches and the depth of 15.5 inches. The remote control gives you surprisingly premium touch than the plastic remote from other competitors. This is so compact, economical and straightforward by total buttons its uses. You can watch the other review to get complete information about this product.

VIZIO SB2820n-E0 Sound Bar

This is no doubt you get the incredible sound quality if it comes up from the Vizio, however, you also able to get handsome looking and non-obstructive design for your TV audio system. For those who live minimalist design will go with this soundbar which easily blends with the entire design in room interior as well. This soundbar has length 29 inches and easier go well with your TV which is 32 inches long, however, this soundbar also suits for 42 inches television as this soundbar will not overshadow your TV size. This Vizio SB2920 had been completed with 2.0 speaker configuration to provide you with loud enough sound in 95dB output and does not feel recessed like the other products, so you may consider this sound range as well. You are also able to set up this Vizio soundbar with a subwoofer when you feel that you need extra bass once you buy this soundbar.

To make your choice sweeter, Vizio also offers you with Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to connect your smartphone and tablet on the go. This is can be your excellent recommendation for best budget soundbar under 100. What’s more, which had been included accessories in the package, they are: RCA cable, remote control, TOSlink cable, RCA up to 3,5 mm cable, 2x of wall mount screws, 2x of wall mount brackets and completed with 1-year warranty card with the user manual as well. In remote control, you can get several control buttons, such as power on/off, Volume and Bluetooth.


All above are our choice of the best budget soundbar under 100. You will find the sound quality for these soundbars which surprisingly better and friendly pocket option as well. For some peoples, soundbars are the best way to enhance for better sound quality from TV. They are so simple and some of them are inexpensive and do not contain all the frustrating cables which come with surround sound system. Most of the soundbars do not sound as well as the true separate speakers, especially with music.

However, if you are mostly looking for the better sound in movies and TV shows, these soundbars are better than your built-in speakers in TV. You can choose based on your preference need and what you are expected from these soundbars, whether you want to get powerful deep bass or you want to get movie theater experience inside your house. As mentioned before that soundbars also come in various sizes such as: from under the foot long to as long as the person.

However, you should know that the length of soundbar does not match directly with your TV size because your TV had been measured diagonally. So, this is better to ask first to get the best recommendation before you decide it. Many manufacturers also still use your HDTV to switch between devices as well. The idea is you can connect all of your home theater devices directly to your TV, then you can connect all of the audio output into the soundbars.


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