10 Best Earbuds & in Ear Headphones Under $100

Are you looking for best earbuds under $100 which sound great for your money? There are many product reviews from different brands that give you various quality as well. The earbud is the most portable from the headphones available so far. Even with the best studio headphones prices which you could buy cannot be wrapped into the form of a small ball which you can store in your pocket as well. of course, there are several recommendations for best earbud under 50, and there are some winners there for sure.

As we know that there are many other reasons to invest in a good pair which can be your most favorite item as well. You may feel that over the ear is discomfort, or you may have a good hair and do not want your over-ear headphone mess your hair. No matter what the reason is, you may think that this is the right time to leave cheap bud pair or best earbud under 50 which comes with your phone and choose a good pair that will complete your music along with the extra detail that you had been missed out in all of the time. Of course, you absolutely need their reviews to get brilliance recommendation for best in ear headphones under 100.

Best earbuds under 100 and $100 become the ideal amount that you can get greatly priced earbuds which never broke your banks, but also offer you with a good sound quality as mentioned above. So. If you look for best in ear headphones under 100, then you had landed on the right place for sure. so, whether you do not have a plan on gifting earbuds for someone or you just want it by your sold, we provide you with the huge list for best earbuds under 100. In this way, you have many options which come from different brands.

10 Earbuds & in Ear Headphones Under $100 Reviews

1. Bose SoundSport in-ear Headphones

Best In ear headphones Under $100

This Bose SoundSport in-ear Headphones for iOS devices are ideal for peoples who love workouts or running when they need to keep hearing sounds in these environments. These SoundSpirt headphones were sort of the hybrid that comes from the combination between the traditional earbud within ear type headphones as well. along with the StayHear rubber tips which very smooth and comfortable in that way, the earpiece still stays secure in your ear, however, this earbud does not isolate all of the noise from the outside and make you more aware of noises surround you. This also becomes the underlying reason why this device becomes best earbuds under 100 which can be your best option. So, this technology is so helpful in public or when you are in traffic as well. Because of this hybrid design which does not create the tough seal inside the ears, the sound does not have the boomy bass that you can find in another headphone.

However, there are many reviews which describe that this device has the sound best for the exercise headphone. There are 3 control button which had been built into the cable for the functionality in Apple devices which can control volume, pause, and play. Jumping the tracks and completes with call receiver. This also evolving of sport zippered carried case along with the carabineer clip which not only holds the headphones, such as ID, keys, and other small items. When you buy this earbud, the manufacturer provides you with a 1-year warranty as well.

2. Samsung Level U Pro Bluetooth Wireless In-ear Headphones

best earbud under 50

This Level U Pro was the premium collar headphones in Samsung line up. They had designed become the brilliance companion for Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge series. This pair also water resistant and you can enjoy Ultra High-Quality Audio or UHQA when paired with one of its top handsets wirelessly as well. This ergonomic design around your neck design provides you with convenient way to keep your music and calls accessible for you as well. The functionality control for music and call give you intuitively performance by using the smart magnets inside the earbuds, so you are able to answer or class and start or pause the music when the magnets were connected or disconnected as well. Even, you can share your favorite music with Sound Share is a feature that allows you to share audio by using this Level 2 U Pro.

As mentioned before that Ultra High-Quality Audio (UHQA) will give you truly 24 bit of digital audio experience along with double wider frequency than the standard wireless sound as well. Plus, this device also combined with the noise isolating in ear gels, so the listeners will able to experience the concert hall sound. This UHQA technology is compatible with the selected Samsung Galaxy series. You are also able to use the Level U PRO wireless headphone with the Samsung Level application. It gives you additional features, such as Volume Monitor, Sound Effect and the Text To Speech when connects with the Samsung Bluetooth headphones.

3. 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones

best in ear headphones under 100

1MORE is not the legacy of audio make like the other audio companies that you know, but they had made hit on the in-ear market with the triple driver as named above. As the name implied, this device has the three drivers inside this tiny housing, two of which were the tiny balanced that basically act as the tweeters and the third dynamic driver which handling the low end. They also come with the tiny microphone and remote, so you are able to control your music and answering a call as well. Even this device can produce up to 20kHz which means that its hi res certified when you have the compatible devices along with the source file as well.

Besides the headphones, you also able to get six sets silicone for the ear tips and there are three sets of foam tips so allow you to find the good fit and help you with the noise isolation. So, this is also the reasons why this 1MORE becomes one of best earbuds under 100. Having three drivers also means that you have a high-end surround of the sound system in your ears surely. The dynamic drivers which like the tiny woofer also with the bass are full which is mean that you will get a good experience of the soundstage. Of course, this is reasonable price along with the balanced audio performance which produces lovable sound. However, there are several pros, such as you could lose your tight seal when you are walking around.

4. Shure SE215-CL Sound Isolating Earphones

best earbuds under 100

There are many audiophiles had been known about Shure, they had been evolving in an audio game since 1925 and have much practice when they come to what things that make a great sound and what don’t as well. Although their products were mainly aimed at the higher end of the audio world, they sometimes take their expertise and bringing down to the customer level along with a great result as well. The manufacturer featuring the enhanced bass of the dynamic micro driver which give you with full sound and more detailed low end.

The other feature from his SE215 that had been borrowed from their high-end brother is their over-ear style. This design is keeping the wires from getting away from anything that you did. This is can be your best choice for these who work with their hand and prefer to have the audio cable on their back instead of hanged cable on their chest so it easier gets snagged. Luckily the cable also had been made of Kevlar cable so even if it gets snagged on objects it will not rip as well. she had included of gold plated in MMCX connector along with the lock-snap mechanism so you can release them from the buds if they need replacement and save up more money as well. This is a device that you should note if you do not spend cash over than $100 for new pairs. The color also comes in solid black cables or clear.

5. Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud

best earbuds under 30

This device has special designed drivers that completed with high energy from neodymium magnets which delivering the powerful and deep bass and also perfect item to complete the popular music genre as well. the design of MDRXB50AP is so typical with for SONT. The manufacturer likes combining the metal design with the stylish plastic shade in order to create the pairs which more durable and good looking surely. The convenience was provided with the hybrid silicone buds which come in four different sizes. This is reasonable price that you can best earbuds under 100. The flat cord has long around 1.2 meter which had been designed for reducing tangles thing. This pairs also has built-in microphone for handsfree conversation. So, the microphone allows you to stay communicate even while you are wearing this earbud in noise environment.

The other additional thing is the small button to control the music playback. When you pushing the button, you can answer a call or play/ pause the music. There is tightly sealed of acoustic design that allow the high level of sound insulation which help the reproduction of strong and extended bass response as well. Android user also able enjoying the smart key application easily to add control functionality directly from your smart device. The bass headphone from Sony Company has a good reputation for reproducing the sub bass sound. So, you can check on other source for complete information about this pair and this device can be your best in ear headphones under 50.

6. Samsung Level U Bluetooth Wireless In-ear Headphones

best wireless earbuds under 100

This Samsung Level U is the ideal option for high end quality music on the go. This device has ergonomically designed for long term use, this headphone also features with the very flexible urethane joint that you can use to the neck and the Stabilizing Wing Ear Gels technology for in ear comfortable. The magnetic earbud also easier to clasp and reducing clutter when not in use as well. with price only $26.37, this is can be your alternative recommendation for best earbuds under 30. Wide 12 millimeter that gives you clear and active sound with the dual noise reduction to prevent the outside noises that can disturb your music or calls as well.

The battery also has a high capacity which supports up 11 hours of conversation time, 500 hours of standby and 10 hours of listening time as well. this Level U Pro is very comfortable I ear headphones as long as you do not matter with the around the neck design. You do not have to worry because this neckband is so light and flexible so it will not be too recognizable in your long listening session, but, if you put this neckband under your clothing, the audio cable which connected to the buds will get run and deliver a vibration noise to the audio when you are listening to. Also, this device also has quite conventional in-ear tips which might not convenience for some peoples.

7. BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones

This BeatsX by Beats and by Dre was a bold new headphones product that you can choose for best earbuds under 100. Instead of sticking the heavy bass workout or expensive over ear headphones, this company had been created the new pairs which musically inclined in ears for someone who had been losing their brand new of Apple Earpods. His is means that BeatsX had been bringing much from their predecessors, including of no tangled cable, compatible with the iOS device and not limited to the flat as well. lately, these in-ear headphones had been taking one of three designs, they really fully wired of in-ear which connecting the drivers to 3,5 mm jack.

The two of fully wireless earbuds which connect each other using Bluetooth or two earbuds which connect through the cable that wrapping behind your neck. The BeatsX involving in the last category. With the two earbuds which connected via cable might not sound like ideal item for some peoples, however, the cable also has a tendency to balancing the earbuds down, but this is not means having no benefit. Firstly and foremost that they were harder to lose than fully wireless earbud. Secondly, the wire between the bids can give a space for the controls and battery which allow your headphone can last longer as well. When you need items for a workout, this BeatsX is water resistant. This is means that you can bring along your BeatsX in a sweaty trip without afraid for their safety as well.

8. TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Best noice canceling earbuds

If you enjoy to listen to music in the loud sound, so this TaoTronics TT-EP01 might be your perfect noise canceling in-ear headphones for you, especially when you care about getting the best item for your money. This in-ear headphone is one of only a few affordable for noise canceling in-ear headphones in the market. The price is only $45.99 which also becomes your best in ear headphones under 50. For ling term, the noise cancellation had been associated with the companies, such as Bose and of course, their headphones are so expensive. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to spend hundred dollars for headphones pairs. Tao Tronics does not expense on the build, using the machined aluminum and 3,5 mm audio jack with gold plated. As the result, this headphone feels like the premium product and was equally durable as well.

In the box, there are some ear tips and earnings in various sizes, so anyone can find their right combination for comfortable use. In the part of cable has three buttons in-line remote control which used for full audio playback. For more, there is a small box which load this Active Noise Cancelling technology along with 140 mAh battery capacity. The battery could power this noise cancellation up to 15 hours, depending on where you at and your volume setting. As named above that the main feature is the Active Noise Cancelling technology that controlled by the in-line panel. So, this technology can perform more enjoyable in your listening experience.

9. Sennheiser CX 300 II Precision Enhanced Bass Earbuds

If you often go traveling or you fell than over ear headphones is uncomfortable, so in-ear headphones offer you with a good sound and price as well. Sennheiser always becomes the go-to brand for portable headphones, and this CX-300 is one of the most popular in-ear models on market. Sennheiser had been upgraded their headphone with the greater clarity and improving the dynamics.

This product offers you with powerful bass stereo sound and having various sizes as well. They are several best things about this product, they are: having the high passive noise attenuation, completed with the tough building along with 2 years warranty and modern sound for bass-driven stereo. CX 300 II also has asymmetrical cable which the longer end going behind your neck and toward the opposite ear. This is mimicking the single side cable and reducing the number of cables on the front during your physical activities. So, this is an ergonomic and safety features.

The sound quality also good in this affordable price while the Sennheiser offers you with powerful and bass driven sound as mentioned above. With the weighty sound from this device, so its well suited for the rock and dance music, but still, give warm nuance which also good for jazz music. The most important, this device makes your music more fun. If you prefer to get a recommendation for best earbuds under 30, then you add a bit cash to get this reasonable headphone.

10. Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones

The good things that you will get in Plantronics BackBeat Fit are the lightweight wireless of stereo headset that also involving the microphone and featuring with sweat resistance design and the decent sound as well. it will stay in your ears and most people find comfortable to wear. This is also including of reflective armband case for your devices which has a double function as the storage case for your device as well. So, this is the last reviews for best earbuds under 100. This BackBeat Fit also available in electric blue and neon green which very suits for your best workout items. Although this device looks like headphone pairs, these ear tips were actually in-ear earbuds style. They have big size, the front ported caps are similar with Apple EarPods, but this device has the rubber stabilizing ring in around the back in order to keep it stay safe in your ear.

There are a large rubberized ear hook loops on the outside of the ear to do smooth transmission. On the right ear involving of call answer or end button and power Bluetooth button. The small rubber under the buds including of the USB charging port which works with the cable and wall adapter as well. On the left side, you can use the play or pause button and volume control. The buds were connected with the very flexible band and whole the parts are sweat proof. However, this is safe and secure option for those who sweat a lot.


This is a long story to tell about which the best in-ear headphones for you. However, most reviewers will consider about the build quality, comfort, design, accessories, style, and rich quality sound. Each of headphones also represents their certain frequency range. So, several earbuds might sound great for the lows, but for other music when the recorders using the high prominent in their music, some of them might fail to represent this sound. Maybe the other features that you can consider, such as noise canceling, microphone, in-line control, wireless connection, etc ought to be considered based on your personal preference. Those best earbuds under 100 above might can be your best reference when you are considering getting a good pair at an affordable price. You do not spend over $100 for good in-ear headphones. If you are not an audiophile, spending over than $100 for in-ear headphones seems inappropriate thing that you should reconsider. You can see another reference to know complete information about your potential products. Even you are also able to compare their prices as well. so, this is our choice for best earbuds under 100 that you lead you to get a good ear-in headphones under $100 and still deliver you with a great sound.


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