10 Best Headphones Under $200 in 2017

As we know that entertainment becomes a major part of our lives and it can help to keep our stress level stay in check as well. Many people get this entertainment from watching television or movies, listening music or playing the game. However, the quality of enjoyment is depending on devices and resources that we used in this process. That’s why we listening music with on really cheap headphones with very poor audio output or watching television with very poor picture quality can actually produce the negative results and make we feel more annoyed before we try to get help. This is also one of the reasons why we make a list for 10 best headphones under 200 and ensure that get maximum result from your purchase in your most convenient price rate as well. So there are some guidelines to manage your thought and give you such an idea about what you should consider when you look of several headphones for yourself. You also can see their features and price range that can lead you to get the best one and what you really need is.

If you look for the great sound, so you should be prepared to spend out some cash, right? You are totally wrong. As mentioned before, we will provide you with best Bluetooth headphones under $200 that will never break your bank. Of course, there are many great and really expensive; however, there are also several inexpensive pairs which give you incredible sound as well. If you are ready to invest about $200, you can find a pair of headphones which make your ears satisfied and your pocket will stay happy. So, these are the best headphones under 200 and you cannot go wrong with these options.

Sennheiser HD 598 Headphone

best over ear headphones under $200

This lightweight German is so comfortable, highly dynamic and detailed sound output along with 3,5 mm headphone plug adaptor. The thick padded on the headband and the ear cushions give the luxurious touch. In addition to the HD 498, this manufacturer also introduced for 2 inexpensive models, they are HD 558 and HD 518 series models. Sennheiser is not the type of company which jumps on the trend, their goal is for audiophile oriented design and makes the most accurate sound headphones as they could, of course, this HD 598 is the latest sample of that thing. This is also can be your reference of best over ear headphones under $150, instead of looking for best Bluetooth headphones under $200.

This series is full-size and over the ear headphones. The weight is 9,5 ounces, however, the plastic construction makes it lighter. You will very comfortable with the velvet ear cushion, even over for the extended listening season. This HD 589 is one of the most comfortable Sennheisers headphones that you can choose as your best option. HD 598 also equipped with Sennheiser’s Eargonomic Acoustic Refinement technology that uses the acoustic baffles in order to guide the sound to the ears directly. This technology might be derived from the flagship in HD 800 headphones.

HD 598 also had been completed with powerful neodymium magnet, lightweight aluminum voice coils, and the Duofold drivers as well. Even this HD 598 also provides you with impeccable sound quality and excellent noise isolation.

Bose Soundtrue Around-Ear Wired Headphones II

best over ear headphones under $150

Ths Bose SoundTrue Around-Ear II is very lightweight and comfortable over ear headphones which provide you with smooth sound along with incredible bass. This is the latest design, with a wider headband, look more durable than their predecessor’s and the earcups were sealed for doing a good job to isolate the wearer from the ambient noise as well. Bose had been called as the design refresh in this series. The biggest change can be found in a headband as mentioned above, that this is almost twice as thick as their predecessor. Therefore, that thing makes overall of Around-Ear feel stronger.

This Bose SoundTrue Around Ear II will make your deeper sound, clear and full of life as well. This pair looks so lively with the slimmer and fresh profile; the new colors will match with your style. This model had been engineered to work optimally on most Apple devices, such as iPad, iPhone, and iPod. You can talk on your phone hands-free and control many music functions with the inline mic/remote as well.

You should know that there is exclusive TriPort technology which helps you to bring the subtle details in your music, so this is similar to hearing your music for the very first time. These incredible things will make this product become best headphones under 200 that you can choose. As mentioned before that smooth padded on headbands can create a gentle cushion for your convenience.

BÖHM Headphones with Active Noise Cancelling – B76

best headphones under $150

This BOHM is the wireless over ear headphones which stream your music via Bluetooth. With Bluetooth V4.0, you are finally removing the wires which can bug you and this is the perfect option for peoples who love wear headphones during their exercises. Along with Bluetooth, there was CSR solution which can increase the quality of streamed music through Bluetooth. This CSR chip was often found along with the codecs Apt X on the latest headphone’s generation. Even this is can be your recommendation of best over ear headphones under $150. With this technology, BOHM B-76 had been following the exponential development of technology.

The Bluetooth indicator was located under the right headphone’s pad side to make sure that you can connect it easily. What you should need only activate the Bluetooth and find the headphone through your Smartphone or tablet. The BOHM B76 also uses 320 mA battery which handling the music output and active noise cancellation. This battery allows you to listen to music in higher level and you can use this pairs up to 16 hours for pure listening music or watching movies. So, this also makes BOHM B76 become an ideal option for your traveling items. Plus, the active noise cancellation durability up to 8 hours that become the decent deal for best over ear headphones under $200. So, overall BOHM B76 is excellent headphones.

With its amazing noise cancellation feature, Bluetooth technology and great sound quality that can bring out your best wireless headphones under 200.

Sennheiser HD 380 PRO Headphones

This HD 380 Pro is the folding closed back model which aimed for professionals but equally applicable for the traveling audiophile as well. The base idea is clearly aimed for professional, recording engineers and more who need something which easier carries out and can be relied on for critical monitoring as well. This model is closer to full size over the ear headphones. It comes with the full-length cable and equipped with excellent padded on both of earpieces, so this is made for the comfortable fit. Even this model also using neodymium magnet that will help you to boost sensitivity as well.

The isolation from the outside sound up to 32dB which might be optimistic as the best broadband figure and something great for best headphones under 200. These closed back headphones quite match with types of timber and there were indeed several colorations inherent on this model as well. This model becomes one of the best headphones which you can find in this range for monitoring. The bass is so great along with excellent high treble. The bass goes down into 50Hz, but this is not over enhanced so you might not feel the rumbling inside your head. So, this is also a reason that many reviewers had been recommended this HD 380 Pro for drum session monitoring. Because this is for professional users, this headphone might not suit for many peoples. So, back on what you need in your pairs.

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Studio Headphones

best studio headphone under 200

This DT 770 Pro is the closed dynamic headphones which aimed for critical music and sound monitoring. The single sided cable also makes the handling become easier. It includes of best over ear headphones under $200 for professional. This is might not suit for usual users or mobile lifestyle users, so ensure that you know their features before you decide to buy it.

The world famous of DT770 Pro will provide you with incredible quality in sound reproduction at this reasonable price. No matter with your application, such as mixing, critical monitoring, tracking and more, this DT770 will give you sound that you can rely on. This pairs also have the Bass Reflex Technology with superb low-frequency production and featuring with the velour ear pads for your best comfort in extended the listening session. This Germany pairs also robust building the quality, easier serviceable and of course very reliable for you. Its unique design, innovation, and construction make this DT 770 produce very good sound in all frequencies. This custom built of diaphragms will provide consistent performance for listeners.

DT770 also had been proved over than 30 years used to best studios and sound stages over the globe. The manufacturer also offers a variety of impedance to fulfill your application and had been made to last in lightweight size but still comfortable to wear over the times. So, this makes DT770 PRO becomes best headphones under 200.

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Audio technica headphone

This model is less expensive than competing models from reputable brands; he effective noise canceling circuitry along with the folding device for compact storage. Even they also work in passive mode when your turn off the noise cancelling function or run out the battery. This Audio Technica is best headphones under 200. This inexpensive headphone does not has new and impressive features, however, this is work better than the other models in cancelling the extraneous noise. Provide you with refreshed things after getting a long flight, avoid noisy noise and you can find a peace in your room.

This is lightweight and compact that effectively reduce the extra noise by 90% while offering you with superior sound quality which made this Technica become the best one in electro-acoustic technology. This is also ideal for entertainment systems, such as MP3, DVD, CD and in-flight entertainment. This closed back headphone will deliver high-resolution sound, clarity, detailed midrange, great bass, extending the treble and accurate imaging the immersive sound field as well. Their earcups also had been redesigned to get better comfort with the smooth pads in your ears. This ATH-ANC7b also has the wide aperture 40 drivers and completed with neodymium magnet technology. No matter it’s for the stage, studio or boardroom table, this pair was trusted time and again by several industry professionals which look for the reliable audio product in all budgets. So, this is can be your best option when you need something compact and give you great sound.

Audio Technica ATH-AD700X Audiophile Headphones

You can see on the picture that this ATH-AD700X is huge. The open back design which purely for your house listening which delivers you with a good sound output. There are many offered details, although the slight brash top can reduce the enjoyment somewhat. The sense of depth and distance between the instruments was easier heard and felt as well. This model provides comfortable and natural listening which makes this pairs ideal for a long listening session. Its designed using aluminum casing, this open air headphone does not give you pressure on the ears. The 53 mm drivers with the CCAW produce the wide sound with the superior mids and highs. This self-adjusting also automatically adjusts to your head size for easy wearing. ATH-AD700X has the decent dynamic and offer with plenty excitement when listening music at your home.

The ATH-AD700X were average look for the over ear headphones with the unique headbands. As mentioned above that they are big and have the large circular earcups which have also owned almost open back design. The cups had been covered with thin metal grill along with the soft cushion. For some peoples, this pair might too big to wear in public. However, you should note that AD700X is not built to provide stable fit for physical activity. So, they are not sports headphones and fall quickly if used while jogging, running or exercising. However, they will maintain for stable fit during your casual listening session.

Beyerdynamic DT-990 Professional Acoustically Open Headphones

This DT 990 Pro is the open dynamic headphone for studio applications, because of the weight reduction on the diaphragm which can produce good quality sound was achieved that make this product become one of best headphones under 200. The rugged design with the spring steel headband ensure that this is secure and withstand for all demands as well. The smooth headband along with ear cushioning systems will ensure your high convenience in long session periods. You should know that DT 990 PRO headphones are suitable for professional and audiophile applications as well. Of course, this pair offers you with natural and balanced sound. The soft pads and adjustable, sliding the earpieces at the same time with the very flexible cord will ensure that this model provides you with listening comfort during extended periods.

Generally, the headphones were closed and the earcups were sealed as well. So, the sound does not get in or out from closed headphones much. In DT990, the earcups were ported allowing the sound escape and sound in the room to get inside. This feature can create the open sound which allows the sound energy getting interact with the outside environment as well. The DT 990 PRO headphone might be able to become your favorite item, although this is might not very suit for casual users. However, this model had been designed to listen to a wide range of various environments.

V-MODA Crossfade LP2 Noise-Isolating Metal Headphone

Best noice canceling headphones

This V-Moda Crossfade LP has stood out design and solid construction which offers you a comfortable fit. The package including of some impressive extras, such as iPhone or iPod remote, detachable cloth covered cable, stylish hard sided case and inline microphone. V-Moda has a good reputable for its low profile earbuds, stylish and no surprise that this company decided to make the full-size headphone. As expected, the V-Moda’s entry to space was a bit stylish with their siblings. However, if you like the eclectic taste, this pairs might not your best option. However, this set offers you with incredible audio and including of club and dance tracks.

As we know that headphones become the essential device for mobile produces and musician who need the unparalleled performance during a day. Thus, this model had been designed to deliver the professional sound, however, this is also best options for travelers which you can get best headphones under 200. There is SpeakEasy 1 Button Mic Cable which made for specially tuned in voice recognition and calls in the noisiest area, the button control work on all of the smartphones and 3,5 mm devices as well. The 50 mm driver’s inner and outer rings will produce the vibrant bass, vivacious high and vivid mids without getting overlap as well. There is no battery or processing as well. so, you can write a full review to get further information about this products.

Audio Technica ATH-ANC9 Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Best noise isolating headphone

This noise cancelling headphones becomes one of the great and simple pressure that you can get from the modern world. The Audio ATH-ANC9 headphones provide you with three tastes, they are office, airplane and study modes. Each of them offers you with vary effect.

According to the Audio Technica, the airplane mode will cut 95% of environmental noise in 200Hz, then office mode will cut 95% in 300Hz and the study modes will cut 85% in 200Hz. These modes are aimed to target several noises in different situations. There are four microphones were used to sample the ambient noise and creating the effect along with 2 microphones on each cup. Our ears were not fantastic in differentiating the audio frequencies, but they report the impressive reduction in ambient sound when this noise cancellation in active mode. So, when you are in the workplace, the conversation will be cut into barely audible sound.

On the busy bus, the effect feels more pronounces and reducing the roaring engine as well. So, this is can be your best noise cancellation headphones and best headphones under 200. The impressive thing is unlike with the other noise cancelling headphones; this ANC0 uses the replaceable battery. In many cases, the replaceable batteries were so ideal, especially when you travelling frequently and do not want need to plug this pairs. But for some peoples, this option might more hassle and not their best option.


The other thing that you should note is your level of comfort tolerance, there are several headphones could prove with bit bothersome when you used for the long session, which also can cause irritation or in several cases can cause the pain on your outer ear. This is might not a big matter if you do not want to use headphones in long durations anyway, although it always is recommended to get comfortable pairs.

There are many earcups, materials, and headbands designed to provide high-level comfort and you should test your headphone to ensure that this is suit well in your ears. Plus, there are many types of headphones out there so it can make your head spinning around and around. For this reason, you can find difficulties to choose your best favorite. So, you need to consider their look, sound quality, and convenience. The visual appealing although not the most essential aspects in quality term do the big role in choosing the headphones that you want. You will see whether its suit your style or not.

However, for some peoples may have different ideas toward this, but some peoples do consider it crucial as well. There are many types of headphones, even you also able to get wireless headphones under 200 if you prefer to get mobility. There are many inexpensive pairs and expensive pairs over than $200. So, you can use this list of best headphones under 200 for the recommendation.

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