10 Best Soundbars Under $200/$300

Finding the best soundbar under 200 dollars may seem like an impossible task to those who have no idea and simply go to one store to look at all of the choices displayed in front of them. As a customer, we always want a product that is affordable and yet, value-for-money. This, however, seems nearly impossible due to the fact that more often than not, when it comes to electronic items, the price speaks for its quality – with such belief in mind, what quality can we get with just 200-dollar? Before you settle on purchasing the most expensive soundbar in the name of quality, read our article until the very end – you would be pleasantly surprised to learn that there are actually a lot of best soundbar under 200 or 300 dollars selections for you to choose from on the market.

Whether you have been on the lookout for best soundbar under 200 or you are reading this article out of sheer curiosity and completely oblivious to what actually a soundbar is, we all share the same issue and that is our television’s audio. That is the problem with televisions in this day and age, while they are more high-tech, they lack in one thing: a good audio. These modern day televisions are typically slimmer and come with a flat screen, while visually aesthetic, they do not leave a lot of room for a proper audio speaker. Yes, they pack a punch in terms of display and color reproduction, but without a good audio, our watching experience is sub-par at best. Sure we can attach a full set of surround speakers, but most TVs these days do not come with a proper driver for speaker, and why would you want to clutter your living room with gigantic speakers when there is soundbar?

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Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System

Best Soundbars Under 300

The first soundbar that makes it to our best soundbar under 300 list is, without a doubt, the Bose Solo 5. This soundbar is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a compact and incredibly affordable audio system. Bose Solo 5 is widely considered as the smallest soundbar on the market, with measurement at 548x70x86-mm weighing just about 6.53-kg, the Bose Solo 5 does not disappoint. It has a decent sound quality that makes watching movies a great experience, all thanks to the two speakers situated around the center of this compact soundbar. Not only that, the sound that the Bose Solo 5 produces is pleasingly crisp and loud – enough to fill in the entire of a medium-sized room in your house. Have hearing problems? Don’t worry, this soundbar never fails to decrease bass during dialogue to emphasize spoken words and improve intelligibility.

Its minimalist design makes it easy to blend in with the surrounding, and the fact that it is a wall-mounted audio system also makes for a great audio experience. Tagged at 240-dollar a piece, this best soundbar under 250 is also equipped with a remote – and let us tell you something, this remote is incredible as it can be easily programmed to control any other devices in the house. Just by utilizing the included manufacturer’s IR codes database, you can turn this remote into a universal remote – from controlling your own television, to Blu-Ray player.


  • Incredible universal remote
  • Decent sound quality
  • Compact


  • No kit for wall-mounting

VIZIO SB3851-D0 5.1 Sound Bar System

Best Soundbars Under 250

Another soundbar on the cheap side that makes it to our best soundbar under 200 list is the VIZIO Smart Cast SB3851 5.1 Sound Bar. Fitting incredibly well underneath any 65-inch screen television, the VIZIO Smart Cast measures at 38-inch from one end to another. In terms of design, this soundbar is sleek and beautifully simplistic. Covered in fabric mesh with silver capped ends, this gorgeous soundbar will definitely complement your interior. But we do not purchase a soundbar simply for its design, what about its performance and quality?

We are glad you asked because this best soundbar under 300 does not only look good, it also boasts an astounding performance. Out of the box, you will find two-satellite speaker cables, a stereo RCA for 3.5-mm cable, a coaxial cable,  digital optical cable, HDMI cable, a 3.5-mm to 3.5-mm cable and a bunch of gears to help you mount the soundbar to the wall should you choose to do so. In terms of performance, there is a lot of things to note. In the grand scheme of things, this soundbar delivers a remarkable and crystal clear sound quality when used to watch movies. But the moment you use it to listen to music, the shallowness of its soundstage may not give you the utmost experience. This is largely due to the fact that the VIZIO Smart Cast SB3851 5.1 Sound Bar always begins to distort when used at a higher volume.


  • Comes with wireless subwoofer and satellites
  • Includes built-in Google Cast
  • Great value-for-money


  • Soundstage may be too shallow

VIZIO SB3851-C0 5.1 Channel Sound Bar

Best soundbar under $300

Another brand from VIZIO that makes to our best soundbar under 200 list is the SB3851-C0 Channel Sound Bar. In terms of design, it may not seem that much different from the Smart Cast SB3851-D0 option. A simplistic rectangular block, while the design screams less is more, we cannot help but question whether or not it’s the truth. This is largely due to the lack of design distinction from the Smart Cast SB3851-D0 that makes us wonder if they are practically the same thing.

The truth of the matter is, this SB3851-C0 Channel Sound Bar is an excellent audio that offers so much more. If its SB3851-D0 Smart Cast Sound Bar counterpart distorts when used to blast music at a higher volume, the Channel Sound Bar delivers much stable and better audio performance – whether they be for music-listening or movie-watching. Not only that, this 38-inch best soundbar under 200 also comes with an excellent wireless subwoofer that does not only work in astounding harmony with its speakers, but also provides us with the ultimate surround sound system experience. The fact that this soundbar comes with a large number of digital audio processing features at just 250-dollar makes it one of a must-have soundbar for those looking for a cheap and sleek soundbar with better performance compared to its Smart Cast SB3851-D0 counterpart.


  • Excellent features for its price range
  • Rear satellite speakers and remote with LCD display
  • Many connectivities and decoding options
  • Remarkable audio


  • May put out too much bass even with low subwoofer

ZVOX AccuVoice AV200 TV Speaker

Do you have trouble hearing what is coming out of television’s built-in speakers? If the answer is a flat yes, then there is no reason for you do not give this ZVOX reviewed on our best soundbar under 200 list a try. If there is one thing we can guarantee you, it’s that you will be surprised at how great is the intelligibility and performance of this ZVOX AV200 AccuVoice TV Speaker. Made with the concept of improving your television’s built-in audio speakers while at the same delivering a premium-quality audio to help those with hearing loss – it’s no wonder that the ZVOX AV200 is highly regarded as one of the best soundbars under 300 with Bluetooth.

Its AccuVoice technology is what sets it apart from its competitors in the market, the technology was created to ensure that everyone from all walks of life, even those with hearing loss, can also enjoy a great experience when they decide to watch a movie or listen to music. If it is more than good enough for those with hearing loss, imagine what it’s like for us with normal hearing. Equipped with virtual surround system, the dialogue boosting feature produces a clear and crisp audio performance with the right amount of bass. Would like to listen to something that’s more dynamic in nature? This best soundbar under 200 delivers a decent bass with its subwoofer and incredible speakers.


  • Louder and more intelligible dialogue
  • Sturdy built and rigid materials
  • Crisp audio


  • No Bluetooth capability

VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar

best soundbar under 150

Another VIZIO on the best soundbar under 250 list, but how does this VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar hold up to its competitors as well as its counterparts under the same brand? In terms of design, VIZIO always opts for a more minimalistic yet modern and sleek look, the VIZIO SB3821-C6 does not stray too far from that either. But when compared to its counterparts, this model is a breath of fresh air. Not only does it come with the signature rectangular box that is incredibly gorgeous, it also comes with a silver accent that adds to its elegance. The 38-inches soundbar weighs just 5.8-pounds and comes with a remote, a Bluetooth connectivity as well as a wireless subwoofer which can be set up for as far as 60-feet – truly incredible features considering the affordable price.

In terms of audio performance, the VIZIO SB3821-C6 is, without a doubt, a powerhouse. With the sound capability of 100-dB, the soundbar is as impressive on paper as it is during use. The audio it produces is as crisp as it is pleasantly rich, all thanks to its wireless subwoofer system. While we are on the topic of the epic subwoofer, let’s add the fact that it delivers a mind-blowing bass. Never overpowering, and always at the right level. With all of these features, you’ll be surprised that the soundbar only costs you $124.75 – making it the best soundbar under 150.


  • Sleek and gorgeous design
  • Astounding wireless subwoofer
  • Extremely cheap


  • Subwoofer only has a range of 60-ft

Richsound Research (RSR) TB232SW Soundbar with Subwoofer

best soundbar under 200

Next up on our best soundbar under 200 dollar recommendation is the great Richsound Research (RSR) TB232SW Soundbar with Subwoofer. To be perfectly precise this soundbar should probably be placed under the more appropriate tag that is the best soundbar under 150. Yes, we can hear your jaw drop from where we are. This soundbar is another piece of the compact audio system that will blow your collective minds, not only cheap, the Richsound Research (RSR) TB232SW Soundbar also delivers serious bass thumping beat and clear audio that is just perfect for your movie marathon at home.

The purpose of a soundbar is, without a doubt, to boost that poor audio from your flat screen TV. Some do wonderfully well, others not so much. Ones that do the job seems to tag a price that is enough to burn a hole in your purse, but not with the Richsound Research TB232SW. The 32-inch, 120-watt, and 2.1-channel soundbar are as powerful as it seems. With optical supports, HDMI connections, and integrated auxiliary, its wired subwoofer is a perfect addition to help enhance your TV’s poor audio system! Not only equipped with the aforementioned HDMI connections, the Richsound Research TB232SW Soundbar is also well equipped with a Bluetooth connectivity. Isn’t that impressive? That feature is definitely a generous addition since we all know even some of the more expensive soundbar options in the market do not add Bluetooth connectivity.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Impressive sound quality
  • Comes with HDMI and Bluetooth connectivity


  • Wired subwoofer may clutter your place if you have limited space

Sony CT290 Ultra-slim 300W Sound Bar

best soundbar 2017

Looking for the best soundbar under 300 with Bluetooth? You have come to the right place because Sony CT290 Ultra-slim 300W Sound Bar has everything you need in an affordable yet powerful soundbar. In this day and age where connectivity has such a significant role, it cannot be denied that Bluetooth becomes one of an essential features any other piece of electronic can have. Not every electronic comes with this feature, however. Due to its importance, a few brands treat it like a luxury and to have that feature you most likely have to pay extra for the more expensive model. So what soundbar with Bluetooth connectivity can you get if you have a limited budget?

The answer is none other than the sleek rectangular-shaped Sony CT290 Ultra-slim 300W Sound Bar. It comes with an attractive design and powerful subwoofer. Its 2.1-inch S-Force Technology Surround Sound feature is one of the best parts of this soundbar, not only does it produce an incredibly clear and convincing sounds, it never fails in mid or even high range noises – all thanks to the impressive subwoofer that complements with every rumbling low. The connectivity option is definitely the next best thing from this soundbar. Not only is it compatible with any type of laptop, smartphone, and tablets, it also allows you to easily connect your device to the soundbar and stream music with such great ease.


  • High-resolution and impressive sound quality
  • Effortless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Ultra slim design
  • Incredibly powerful bass and perfect cinematic sounds


  • Can be a little bit tricky to install

VIZIO SB3830-D0 Sound Bar

Best soundbars under $200

Are you on the market looking for the best soundbar under 200? While we have given you quite a lot recommendation on various soundbars with a price under the 200-dollar mark, maybe for some reason you have not found the one you like from the previously mentioned recommendations. It does not matter because we still have quite a few options, the next being this VIZIO SB3830-D0 Sound Bar. Yes, VIZIO has been on fire lately, not only does it pump out so many sound bar options for us to choose from, they also excel at perfecting their art. So how does this piece of art hold up to its competitors?

In terms of design, the VIZIO SB3830-D0 Sound Bar comes with the signature rectangular block that can be mounted on the wall or just place it somewhere next to your TV if you have space. While there is nothing we can comment on the design, we have quite a lot of its sound. Yes, it is that good!. The sound it produces is not only powerful, but it is also highly immersive. With 101-dB sound clarity level, the sound bar can deliver the roaring rumble of a crowd in a concert to a high-noise screech during a car chase scene on TV. Unlike its fellow VIZIO, this soundbar only comes with 1-percent distortion which makes it perfect for those who are into listening to music.


  • Powerful sound
  • Only 1-percent of Total Harmonic Distortion level
  • Built-in Google Cast for song access


  • Subwoofer outport is a bit tricky to handle

Klipsch R-10B Bluetooth Soundbar

Top best soundbars

If you are looking for a high-end best soundbar under 300, Klipsch R-10B Bluetooth Soundbar is undeniably far on the top of the list. This premium quality speaker system does not only come up with plenty of thrilling features, but also a wide range of perfect add-ons. With dimensions of 23.25×43.4×12.5 inches and output of 250-watt, the soundbar may not seem impressive at a glance due to its basic design. However, the statement that something may very well more than meets the eye is very true here. The Klipsch provides a sound output that gives off a cinematic and theatre-like feeling to it – definitely a major boost to our sub-standard TV speakers. Comes with a built-in decoder, the Dolby Digital, we no longer have to worry about issues surrounding audio formatting.

Equipped with a sound system that has an incredible Bluetooth compatibility, you may also connect your handheld device and stream directly. Its aptX technology also provides you with a streaming experience that is not like the other, it’s remarkably clear and perfectly crisp. Its subwoofer also deserves an award, not only is it able to produce a deep, satisfying bass, it is also able to fill in the rumbling of each range of sound – regardless of whether it is low, mid, or high. All of which can be done smoothly and perfectly – with no distortion whatsoever.


  • Instant powerful upgrade to your speaker
  • Impressive mid-range sound
  • Incredible Bluetooth receiver
  • Deep, satisfying bass


  • Your device must support aptX for better streaming experience

VIZIO SB3821-D6 Sound Bar System

Soundbars under 200

Soundbars offer a better and more affordable alternative to remedy the audio issues that typically come with ultra-thin televisions. However, choosing the best soundbar under 200 can be a tough nut to crack, but it’s not impossible. One of the best options is the VIZIO SB3821-D6 Sound Bar System, VIZIO has been the most popular soundbar brand on the market due to their specialty for providing a quality soundbars, but what set it apart from its competitors is the fact that the brand offers such incredible products at just a fraction of the price. The VIZIO SB3821-D6 comes with a high-tech wireless subwoofer and incredible features.

With 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity, 2.1-channel, 50-90 Hz-frequency and 100-dB level of sound pressure, this wall-mountable soundbar tags the piece of finery for 220-dollar. Impressive price considering the features and quality that it offers. In terms of performance, the VIZIO SB3821-D6 Sound Bar System combines a premium quality audio with incredible details. With the level of clarity as high as 100-dB and as low as 50-Hz, the soundbar has the ability to catch every single detail of noises in the roaring crowd with clarity and produce the satisfying mind-blowing bass drops with no distortion whatsoever. Would like to listen to your favorite songs with minimal effort? The VIZIO’s built in Google Cast can assist you with the task!


  • Ability to hit low, mid, and high notes perfectly
  • Impressive touchscreen remote
  • Google Cast feature


  • Optical connection can be tricky to handle when used for DVR


Televisions in this day and age may be more advanced in terms of technology, they are also more attractive in terms of design – all of these incredible features add to the cost of your TV. Unfortunately, however, that is not the only expense you have to think of. Simply because these high-tech TVs come with poor audio and to overcome this issue, you most likely have to purchase a sound system. Surround sound system can be expensive and they also take up so much space, this is the reason why soundbars become so popular. A decent soundbar that delivers a great cinematic sound and also perfect for music, regardless of the genre, used to be extremely pricey. However, these days, it is not impossible for us to get a decent soundbar without having to spend our entire lifesaving. We have compiled an extensive list of the best soundbar recommendations in the price cap of $200, in this list, we have also compiled the high-end soundbar tagged at a little over $250 and cheap yet incredible selections for as low as $150. Now that you have found ten of the best and affordable soundbars, which of these best soundbar under 200 would you choose?

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