Bose Solo 5 Soundbar Review

Bose Solo 5 is a stunning little soundbar. This device has a speaker form with a better center channel than the soundbar. Small size makes this device can be placed in the kitchen and bedroom. This device has a size of 548 x 70 x 86 mm with a weight of 6.35 kg. It is a very lightweight device and can be affixed to the wall. The price of this device is also cheap. If you want to get brackets, then you have to pay additional fees. You should buy a bracket for Bose WB-120. You can switch to audio output when you install the device on the wall. It is used to avoid bass being created on the device. Usually, the bass issued is not optimal because the device is mounted on the wall.

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Remote and Design

This device has an elegant design. All designs of this device use black. The device also adopts a minimalist design that you can see on the Bose logo. This device has a smooth indicator on the front. The section can be illuminated in various colors. The combination of these colors will inform you that the device is in the right mode. If the yellow color is lit, then the dialog mode is lit on the device. You do not have control buttons. Bose Solo 5 also has a universal remote control. This remote has sophisticated technology. This remote has the right program to control other products. This remote is equipped with an IR code database from an authorized factory. This remote also has additional buttons so you can control other devices. You will get menu buttons to control other channels and menus from your television. You can also use this remote to control the DVD player.

Bose Solo 5 Soundbar is equipped with a remote consisting of six buttons. This is a shortcut key that comes with a complete top. The section will be used to control the device independently. How to program on this remote is very easy. You just have to press the preset button for a few seconds and you have to enter the factory code that has been written in the user guide of this remote. The universal remote will work via infrared so this remote cannot be used for the console. If you are using PlayStation 4, then this remote cannot work for you. If you use Samsung television, then this remote is still reliable. This device can also function as an auto-wake. This happens when the Bose Solo 5 can detect the sound source. You do not have to turn this device manually. This device will turn off automatically when you stop using the device for 60 minutes. This time may be too long for you.

Input and Connectivity

This device has a basic connection called optical connection. The enhancements provided by this device have been adjusted for the price of this device. This device is good because you can see the additional coaxial and optical cable in the box. This device does not have an HDMI port so you have to make sure that the device has optical and coaxial output. This device is still equipped with Bluetooth wireless but does not have support for aptX codec. This decision does not benefit you. Bose Solo 5 also does not have NFC so you cannot install this device quickly. You also can not find the various sound modes you want. The remote control can only activate dialog mode. This mode is only designed to clarify your speech and cannot adjust the bass. This device is fun to listen to music and watch sporting events on your television.

Sound Quality

The next topic is the sound quality produced by Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System. The sound quality of this device is very good indeed. You will experience this sound quality when you watch a movie. Dialog mode or other modes can be activated easily. You can understand the settings of this device easily. Dialog mode is a very useful feature for those of you who have trouble hearing the words in the movie. You can listen to these words clearly because this device will lower the bass level and increase the clarity of the sound. This device has only two speakers in the middle. This device does not separate the stereo because it has a very small soundstage. This means you will not get the right direction from the sound. This sound cannot spread throughout the room as in large devices.

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You may find that the built-in speaker of your device sounds lonely so you can add this device to get tough volume. You can listen to music comfortably. This device has upgraded features at an affordable price. If you want a simple speaker, then you should choose this device. You’ve read Bose Solo 5 Review above. This device can improve the performance of your television speakers. The universal remote control will differentiate this device with other devices. This device is supported with the easy configuration like true and virtual surround. The settings depend on the model you want. If you are bored to install complicated speakers, then you really should get this device. This device has a shape like a beautiful wrapping and can be placed around your television. You may have to hire a professional to install this device on your wall. The Bose logo is in the middle of the speaker. All bodies of this device are made of metal. The front has a curved edge so it can increase the attractiveness of this device.

This design will remind you of the latest generation of speaker devices. This device has a construction similar to that device. You have an additional 3.5 mm input jack, RCA jack, and power jack so this is a handy device for you. All inputs can be found in this device except optics. The HDMI port has been proven to deliver high-quality audio systems. This device will make a difference on your television. You can hear all the voices clearly. This device can sound in the right proportions. You do not need to learn to configure this tool. It only takes you a few minutes to understand the user manual of the device. This device will complete your pleasure to watch television and so forth. You can buy at the online store to get Bose Solo 5.

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