Top 10 Loudest Portable Bluetooth Speakers 2017

Bluetooth is one of the technologies that must not be underestimated nowadays. Although it is still depending on the range, it enables us to connect one device to another wirelessly. Sure, this makes the activities tend to be easier and more flexible. One of the devices that are probably recommended to have is the Bluetooth speaker. The loudest portable Bluetooth speaker is demanded a lot as you can use it on any occasion. It is whether you only need to listen to the music by yourself in your room or even to support events like a party. There are surely so many things to be considered when you have a plan to buy the speakers. The brand is maybe something you think about at first. Yes, there is a tendency for someone to only like one certain brand without considering the others. It is commonly he or she already use the product from that brand and then find it really satisfying. Meanwhile, the quality of the product must also be the first thing to think. Of course, you must want your device to be really durable and not easily damaged.

The fact is that the quality is closely related to the price. When you want to buy a kind of qualified product with complete features, it means the money to spend must be more as well. Although it can be such a dilemma, it is the best decision for sure. It is still better to spend more budgets as long as the product you have is really satisfying. Since it is all about the speaker, the indicators of the qualified Bluetooth speaker can be seen from the loudness and the quality of sound. When the speaker is able to produce loud sound as well as the sound produced is clear and good, it can be said that the quality is good in this case. Here are the top 10 loudest portable Bluetooth speakers recommended for you.

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JBL Xtreme Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

super bass bluetooth speaker

Talking about the design, this wireless speaker has a unique but fashionable shape. It is a cylinder with black matte color and the sound production in all over the parts. It enables you to hear, feel, and see the bass just like its motto. The power is basically from the dual passive radiator. Therefore, it can produce sounds that are very loud as well even when it is compared to other speakers in its class. For outdoor events, this speaker released by JBL is also so much suggested. It is regarding the application of splash proof that protects this device from rain and spills. The more interesting thing is that it can be cleaned using water without worrying the water will damage the inner components. Meanwhile, there is also another feature that produces crystal clear sound, it is the noise and echoes canceling featured added. Despite it is able to be directly connected to the electricity socket; JBL Xtreme Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is also equipped with the rechargeable Li-ion battery that supports this device for around 15 hours of playtime. The charge is also available via dual USB ports. Aside from those benefits, the speaker can also be connected wirelessly to 3 Smartphone and tablets.

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III

Loudest Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Another recommendation is for Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III. As its name, the speaker is able to connect to the Smartphone, tablet, and other Bluetooth devices wirelessly. The sound produced is loud and able to set up easily so that this is appropriate for any events whether being conducted indoor or outdoor. The design is simple and the dimension is relatively small. However, the performance is more than that. It can produce a sound that is louder and more powerful compared to other kinds of speakers with similar sizes. Although the speaker is good to be used for events like party, it is actually firstly produced for personal necessities. Based on that fact, the loud can be set into low frequency so that you can use it in your room without disturbing the others. Meanwhile, it is appropriate also for you who are interested to bring the speaker anywhere. Thanks to the easy grab and portable design. Yes, it tends to be more portable for the curved edges and thin profiles applied. One more thing about this portable speaker, it is about the application of silicone button panels that are used to protect it from the dirt and dust without making it less good-looking.

UE MEGABOOM Bluetooth Speaker

loudest waterproof bluetooth speaker

If many other speakers are produced in black, you must see this one if you want other colors applied. UE MEGABOOM is available in five colors including black, gray, blue, red, and purple. The design is also simple with its tall square. Sure, the design makes it easy to grab and portable. Even it is small enough, you must not be doubtful with the performance. Well, it features the 360-degree sound with deep bass which is very amazing and louder compared to other speakers in its class. The speaker is compatible with any device including Smartphone, tablets, and the others that support Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart wireless audio. For an outdoor event, it is good as well as it is equipped by waterproof later of IPX7. The speaker is able to connect with the 2nd generation of Echo dot for hands-free voice control. Without any additional devices, the plus point of UE MEGABOOM is the ability to play music from some famous sites like Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, TuneIn, and iHeart Radio. The range for Bluetooth is up to 100 feet. Meanwhile, it is equipped with the rechargeable battery supportive for 20 hours of playtime and ultra fast micro USB charging.

VAVA Voom 21 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


loudest bluetooth speaker 2017

If you again also look at the design before buying the device including a speaker, this one is good for you. VAVA Voom 21 wireless Bluetooth speaker of you simple oval design with matte black color. It is also small as well as portable to bring anywhere you go. Meanwhile, the quality is definitely high particularly when we talk about the strong bass. It features the two 5W drivers, 10W subwoofer, and two passive radiators. For this matter, it is very reasonable if the sound produced is very powerful and loud. It is claimed also that the bass performance is the best in its class recently. Something that is only owned by this speaker and not the others are the application of three modes; they are classic, party, and surround. It means that you can set up the speaker more easily based on the condition of when it is used. However, if other speakers may be able to work more than this, the battery of VAVA Voom is only up to 10 hours of playtime maximally. If you want to use it more than 10 hours, you must only set it up at the mid level of volume. Another benefit of using this speaker is the ability to pair it up with two devices at once.

OontZ Angle 3XL by Cambridge SoundWorks

large portable bluetooth speakers

With its triangle-prism design, you may agree that this wireless speaker is cool and fashionable. Again, it has a black matte color that makes it look more elegant as well. for the performance, it produces loud and powerful sound. It is even not exaggerated to claim that it is the most powerful portable Bluetooth speaker ever. It can be seen from the application of power for over 20 watts that enables the speaker to fill in the large rooms. Aside from that, it is also appropriate for other types of events doing at the pool and other outdoor areas. More than that, the weight is only 2.4 pounds make it flexible to bring anywhere you want. The audio is definitely in a high quality for the applications of 2.75” precision drivers and two custom tweeters. The bass produced is also considered as good and even rich as it features 2 passive Subwoofers. It has been said before that this product is perfect for pool events. Why? It is due to the water resistant surface. Thanks to the application of IPX5 that makes this device more than just waterproof but also sand proof and dustproof. Unfortunately, the battery is only available for 8 hours of playtime after it is being fully charged.

G-Project G-BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Compared to other speakers mentioned before, this one looks more detailed in term of design. Well, if you love the sense of simplicity, it seems that the speaker from G-Project is not really recommended for you. However, it is indeed qualified in term of performance. Sure, it achieves the Top Rates Press Reviews. Although the price is considered as affordable, it offers you the great speaker in general. First of all, you will be spoiled by its ability to connect with other devices more quickly and easily. it is compatible with any kinds of gadgets with Bluetooth including Smartphone with any brands, tablet, PC, and so forth. The sound is loud and powerful. Aside from that, it is the ability to deliver much bass is good as well. Not only is it very loud at the level of the portable speaker, the sound produced is very clear also. However, the lack is probably placed on the battery. Yes, the battery is only up to 6 hours of playtime, so much less than other types. If other current speakers are dedicated only for devices with Bluetooth, this one is more than that. It is still compatible with non-Bluetooth devices for the 3.5mm/ AUX-IN jack.

Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker

Loudest Bluetooth Speaker

Do you like vintage-style electronic devices? Well, for you want to feel something nostalgic, it seems this idea is really appropriate for you. Marshal Woburn Bluetooth speaker brings out the look of retro in your modern day for sure. It can be seen from the design applied in which there is a box with gray lines and some buttons on the upper part. Of course, the retro is only for the design. for the rest, it is still modern Bluetooth speaker with sophisticated technology applied. However, when it is compared with other Bluetooth speakers, the product from Marshall seems not really special. It is basically a kind of portable Bluetooth speaker along with payer with the 90W output. Aside from that, it has multi input for Bluetooth as well as the RCA and optical. Interestingly, it is not only accommodating the gadgets or devices with Bluetooth feature only. It is also compatible with older devices without Bluetooth since the audio jack is available also. Meanwhile, the dimension is also quite small that makes it portable and practical to bring wherever you want to go. The performance is great with a loud, powerful, and clear sound that makes it good even for outdoor events.

Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

super bass bluetooth speaker

Slightly, the design or shape of this Bluetooth speaker is not different from your water jug. It is tall, square with something to handle on the upper part. What makes it look different is due to its silver color that makes the speaker, in general, look more elegant. The design which is simple as well as the dimension that is small enough makes this speaker really easy grip and handle. Despite the design that may make you love this speaker more, the performance is also very good. It is known as one of the best and the most recommended outdoor Bluetooth speakers in its class. The sound produced is very strong, loud, and powerful as it is 360 degree of the sound. How can these speakers produce such sound? Well, it is because of the application of 4 full-range speaker drivers. Just like the name, it can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth up to 33’ away. Compared to the others the battery resistance is indeed lower; it is only 4.5 hours per charge or more. Well, by remembering that there are other devices that can be long lasting for more than 10 hours, of course, the Big Blue Party tends to be less at this point.

New Arisen WindBox R Elegant 4.2 Bluetooth Speakers

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In term of design, it seems that this Bluetooth speaker is the winner. Well, have you ever thought of having a kind of transparent speaker? If it has come to your mind, here is the answer. In general, it has a common model of the speaker; it is a box with two sounds on the right and on the left. Interestingly, it is transparent. It is not something exaggerated for sure to say that this speaker is very elegant, just like the name. The speaker from New Arisen is claimed as the loudest Bluetooth speaker as it applies Dual 12 Watts of high definition drivers. The sound produced is not only loud and powerful but also very clear and natural. Besides, it applies the Patent Subwoofer Technology to add the dramatically deep bass in the sound. It has applied the New Bluetooth 4.2 Technology that provides stronger connection so that it is really perfect for any device including Smartphone, tablets, PC, and others that provide the Bluetooth. More than that, the transparent design is not only about the style. It enables you to see through the inner part of the speaker. More than just a speaker, it can even beautify the appearance of your events.

Devialet Phantom (750 Watts)

large portable bluetooth speakers

This is another unique wireless Bluetooth speaker in term of design. Despite the dimension which is indeed small, it has simple round to oval shape with a metallic surface that is really elegant. Slightly, you may not know that it is a speaker. However, the performance says more than that. It has very loud and powerful sound for the application of Phantom. It is able to produce an ultra dense sound that is claimed without any distortion, background noise, and saturation. The way it works is by replacing all the existing systems. That’s why it is said that this product has the best dock compared to other speakers that are now available in the market. The Phantom itself can be said based on your necessities. The more Phantom set, the sound produced will be better. Aside from that, it can also produce the ultimate hi-fi you never experience before. Particularly for the music, this wireless speaker is very recommended. It is no matter the event that you will conduct whether it is indoor or outdoor. As you know, there is a common problem when you use the speaker for the outdoor event. It is that the sound is broken. By using Devialet Phantom, there will not be that problem anymore.


Choosing the best speaker is not something easy indeed. If you notice well, the newest series will give you the newer and better features as well. However, it seems that there is something always looked for by the users of the speaker. It is whether the speaker is able to produce loud and powerful sound or not. It is mainly if you use the speaker not only for your personal needs but also to please the others. on the other hand, the sound produced must also be clear without any background noise. The noise tends to make the music you play will be less beautiful for sure. The application of Bluetooth is actually only the plus point. It is mainly so that the speakers can be compatible with the devices that are produced nowadays.

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